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What are your prices?
w        Answer: Here are some average prices. Depending on the size or brands, smaller items cost less and higher end brands cost more.
Purses are $225-$325.
Wallets are $95-$145.
Keychains are $85-$110.
Shoes are $135-$200.
Once your ready to order and pay, DM me @kayjaylux on Instagram and send me the item picture and i will provide you with the exact price.
How do I order?
          Answer:  Look under the "Pre-order catalog" tab at the top for all details on how to order and shipping info. After making your payment, DM on Instagram @kayjaylux with a screenshot for confirmation, your name and address.
What forms of payment do you accept?
          Answer: I accept CashApp ($Kayjaylux) and PayPal Friends and Family ONLY. (
What quality are your items?
           Answer: All of my items are top quality/1:1/mirror/5A. Made with real leather, canvas and similar materials of luxury brands. If an item isn't top quality, it will be listed as "mid quality".
Does it come with a box?
           Answer:  My items comes with what is in the picture- most times just the dust bag. If you'd like the box/full packaging, it will cost $35-50$ depending on size.
I cant find the item i'm looking for !
           Answer: If you can't fin the items that you're looking for in any of my links, please feel free to screenshot your item off any website and send to DM. This still follows the basic pricing guidelines.
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